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There’s a need to elect persons to the Folsom City Council who do more than talk a good game. That’s why I’m asking for your vote on November 8th.

For 31 years, I have been making things happen in Folsom. Not by making sweetheart deals with special interest groups or making empty promises to win votes. My priority is the City of Folsom and its residents.

I started my first term on the City Council in 2008 with an aggressive agenda and my record proves I have been an effective Council member. Faced with the worst economics in years, I knew we needed reforms in many areas – benefits, services, financial stability and we needed to start right away.

With the help from our city employees, unions and council members, we reduced the pension percentage from 3% and 2.75% to 2% for all new hires. Employees now pay their full portion of their retirement fees. Increased health care costs are now shared equally by the city and the employees.

I ran for a second term to continue my efforts and those of other council members to keep Folsom out of bankruptcy and to complete the city compensation reforms. The City of Folsom is recognized as a model city in the area of reforms. We now live within our means.

In my third term, I will continue to be the residents strongest advocate to watch the issues that threaten Folsom’s quality of life. I am not anti development or anti business but water and the development south of 50 both need close monitoring. My charge is to look out for every Folsom child, their parents, young adults, seniors and veterans. In my two terms, I only missed one City council meeting in eight years.

With re-election, I will continue to work hard for you to achieve financial stability and keep Folsom a great place to play, work and live. You can count on it!

Call me at 916-989-4752 to learn more.

City of Folsom Council Meetings

Folsom City Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers, City Hall, 50 Natoma Street, Folsom, CA 95630

Agendas for City Council meetings are posted online at: folsom.ca.us/city_hall/depts/clerk/city_council_meetings

I continue my Pledge to You

I will not pander to any special interests or promise the universe to get re-elected. I will simply continue to work hard for you, doing what I’ve always done, fighting for the people of Folsom with honesty and integrity.

~Ernie Sheldon

My Vision for 2016-2020!

Working Together We Will Preserve the Quality of Life in Folsom

  • Protect the river front
  • Discourage further Folsom site development South of White Rock
  • Do not minimize water concerns
  • Traffic concerns
  • Folsom South Monitorship
  • Protecting our Quality of Life
  • Community College Enhancements
  • Continue to Monitor City Fiscal Responsibilities
  • Continued K-12 School Enhancements
  • Finish 10 Undeveloped Parks and 10 Unfinished Parks

ERNIE SHELDON (1934-2020)
Folsom City Councilmember and Vice Mayor